Summer Ready: Embrace the Sun with Braided Beach Waves and Braided Ponytail Styles

Easy, breezy hairstyles that can withstand the sun, sand, and water are necessary for the arrival of summer’s warm weather and trips to the beach or swimming pool. Fashionable braids that keep hair off the face and neck while still looking put together are perfect for this season. Summertime is the best time to sport stylish and useful braided hairstyles, from high ponytails to beachy waves.

We’ll look at some effortlessly stylish braided hairstyles in this guide that are ideal for enjoying the summertime sun. Discover how to add braided texture to beach waves and elevate a simple ponytail with sophisticated plaits. Get ideas for fun and protective braided looks that will help you feel and look your best throughout the summer.

Achieve Braided Beach Waves for Effortless Summer Style

Want that windswept, beachy look without messy hair driving you crazy? Braids are the secret to perfect undone beach waves that last. By braiding hair damp then letting it dry, you can easily achieve lively, textured waves ready for a day seaside.

After giving your hair a quick wash and light conditioning, towel-dry it until it is damp. After dividing the hair however you like, create four to six different-sized braids throughout the length of the hair. Larger, chunkier plaits give a more understated appearance, while tighter, smaller braids will produce more crimped and intense waves.

Elastic bands are used to secure braids at the ends. Overnight, let the braided hair air dry naturally. Alternatively, use a diffuser on low to expedite the process while taking care not to frizz the braids. After everything is totally dry, loosen the braids and carefully take off the elastics. Using your fingers, shake out the wavy crimped pattern to achieve the ideal beachy braided hairstyle that will hold up well in the sun and during fun activities.

Pretty and Protective Braided Ponytails

Protective Braided Ponytails

Want to keep hair up and off the face this summer for active days outside while still looking cute? Braided ponytails offer the best of both worlds, keeping annoying strands secured while creating an elegant style. Experiment with varied braiding techniques to find your favorite flirty and functional summer ‘do.

For an athletic look, create two Dutch braids beginning at the front hairline and working back to meet in the middle. Secure with a hair tie just above the neck for a practical ponytail that helps control flyaways. Two braids minimize bulk while adding feminine flair.

Or go boho chic with a fishtail braid pony. Split your ponytail into two even sections then begin the fishtail pattern by crossing small pieces under each other toward the middle. Gently tug the braid wider as you work your way down for lots of breezy texture. Wrap an elastic around the end, then arrange the voluminous braid over one shoulder.

For a fancier night out look, try a waterfall braided pony. Create a tight three-strand braid beginning at the very top of the head, then once you have a few inches, begin to gently tug downwards on the strands you incorporate into the braid. This will loosen the braid and create a curtain-like waterfall effect. Finish with a light hold hairspray.

Double Dutch Side Pony Braids

Side ponytails are on-trend this summer for their playful throwback vibes. Enhance the look with two accent Dutch braids that feed into the pony. Parting hair deeply on one side, craft two neat Dutch braids on either side of the part beginning at the hairline. Work them back diagonally until you meet at the nape of the neck.

Secure the braids together with a cute scrunchie or bow, then bring all the remaining hair over to one shoulder, creating a voluminous side pony. The two Dutch braids act as elegant accent pieces to dress up the pony. This works great on both straight and curly hair textures of any length.

Boho Braided Ponytail for Volume

Boho Braided Ponytail
Ponytail Braid Tutorial — Unique Braided Hairstyles inside Best and Newest Trendy Two-Tone Braided Ponytails – Hairstyle Ideas

The boho braided ponytail creates enviable effortless volume for a carefree summer festival vibe. To get a ton of lift and body at the roots, start by teasing the hair at the crown. Then, tie a haphazard, loose side braid above one ear.

Fullness is added by braiding loose ends. Don’t fasten the braid just yet. Start by the opposite ear and repeat with another chunky free braid on the other side. After drawing both braids to the back, use a clear elastic to tie them loosely together.

Now gather the remaining hair and arrange it in a very loose low ponytail or bun shape over the two braids. Tie a last strand of elastic around the end. To add width and divide the pony, run your fingers through it.

Half Up Crown Braids for Romantic Warm Weather Style

This half up ‘do takes your basic braided pony to regal new heights for a gorgeous summer date night look. Start by parting the hair down the middle from front to back. Split the top half up and temporarily clip away the lower half.

Starting from the hairline close to the forehead, work your way up to a Dutch lace braid on one side at a time. As you work toward the back of the crown, gently tug on the outer strands of the lace braid to fan it wider.

Continue with a matching Dutch lace braid on the opposite side. To create the illusion of a braided crown, join the two into a single braid in the middle and wrap it around the back of the head. The remaining hair should be left loose in lovely curls or waves.

While keeping hair neat and out of the face for the summer, the romantic plaited crown adds textured interest to the top of the head. For healthy, shiny summer hair, accessorise any warm-weather ensemble with this eye-catching yet straightforward half-up hairstyle.

Half Up Crown Braids

Stay Stylish and Sun Safe with Braided Designs

This summer, braided hairstyles are the ideal way to keep hair under control and stylish. Adding eye-catching texture and glitz, plaits allow air circulation to keep you cool whether you’re heading to the beach or a music festival. Enjoy yourself with braids instead of boring buns that flatten your appearance!

Once you know a few basic braiding techniques, you can create a plethora of creative braided ponytails and pretty plaited beach waves. Use these looks as inspiration, or get creative and create your own unique looks. You can achieve stylish braided summer hairstyles that draw attention for all the right reasons with a little practice. Flaunt your stunning braided hair in the summertime sun!

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