Styling with Confidence: How to Securely Wear and Adjust Your Braids Wig

Braided wigs’ flowing, full-bodied appearance has made them a popular option for creating protective styles that look instantly gorgeous. However, if not applied correctly, braided wigs can shift and lift, giving their wearers annoying headaches. Braid wigs stay in place when you take the time to properly secure them with wig clips, tape, and adhesive. This allows you to rock your look with carefree confidence.

Using the proper wig caps, clips, tape, and adhesive combinations, you can safely wear braided wigs in any size thanks to the techniques covered in this guide. Continue reading for advice on how to adjust your braids wig’s fit for maximum comfort and stability while you play or dance the night away. Your new favorite low-maintenance protective style can be achieved with braided wigs with the correct wig prep, placement, and styling.

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Creating the Right Foundation for Your Braids Wig

A secure base is the starting point for comfortably wearing any braids wig. Be sure to:

1. Tie down natural hair very flat under a wig cap for a smooth surface. Use scarves or hold with gel.

2. Opt for a contoured wig cap in a shade similar to your skin tone for a seamless look.

3. Place the wig cap carefully to fully cover your hairline all around your head.

4. For added friction, spray the cap lightly with wig grip spray or wiping down with rubbing alcohol.

Taking the time to smooth and secure your natural hair in a well-fitted, grippy wig cap keeps the braids wig from sliding around on the surface below. This provides critical stability.

Getting the Perfect Fit with Adjustable Straps and Combs

Braids wigs come in standard sizes but every head shape and preference varies slightly. Take steps to tailor the fit:

1. Look for braids wigs with adjustable straps in the back to control snugness.

2. Use the wig’s adjustable combs to anchor it at the top, middle and bottom of your crown.

3. For larger heads, braids wigs with an extended wig cap offer more coverage and security.

4. For smaller heads, trim the wig cap’s extra length but leave the stretchy perimeter intact.

5. Add bobby pins to further secure combs, especially at the vulnerable nape of the neck.

While rarely a perfect fit out of the box, minor braids wig adjustments allow you to dial in your custom hold for peace of mind.

Using Clips Strategically for Extra Hold

Even when braids wigs fit the contours of your head well, clips provide additional stabilization and confidence:

1. Insert crossed bobby pin “X” shapes at each side of your temples where caps often lift.

2. For active wear, use metal alligator or U-shaped clips on each side along the hairline.

3. Add larger claw clips present in braided updos underneath spots prone to lifting for stronger anchoring.

4. Use the pointed end of rattail combs tucked under braid edges to hold them flat to the head.

5. For total coverage, place smaller wig clips along the perimeter of your hairline every 3-4 inches for a strong hold.

While adding too many clips can damage hair and the wig cap, strategic selective clipping prevents slipping and lifting for carefree wear.

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Harnessing Tape and Adhesive at Key Pressure Points

Tape and adhesive offer industrial-level bonding when braided wigs are heavy due to their long lengths:

1. Adhere strips of wig tape at the nape of the neck and on crowns of heads prone to lifting. Press to activate the grippy glue.

2. Liquid wig adhesive along hairlines creates an even stronger bond than tape, ideal for very heavy wigs. Wait until fully tacky before applying wig.

3. Child-safe spirit gum adhesive is easily removable at day’s end but anchors braids wigs securely. Massage mineral oil to dissolve the gumminess after wear.

4. Press adhesive flat and rub the braids wig into it using a wig applicator brush to maximize the contact surface.

Applied sparingly at strategic points, tape and adhesive keep braids wigs locked down without concern.

Styling Your Braids Wig for Security

Style tricks reinforce your braids wig’s hold:

1. Pull real baby hair over wig edges for a seamless transition that hides bonding strips.

2. Part wigs off-center or with zig-zag parts to avoid peaks prone to lifting. Switch parts daily.

3. Cross long braids wig lengths under at the neck to anchor down instead of letting them hang straight. Pin as needed.

4. Loop braids wig ends in loose knots or buns to prevent dragging that can dislodge bonding over time.

5. Mist the braids wig interior lightly with holding spray to increase friction between the wig and your head.

With smart styling choices, you can sidestep common wig issues while accentuating your beautiful braids wig look.

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Practicing Proper Braids Wig Care and Removal

Preserve your investment with care:

1. Avoid over-brushing synthetic braids wigs which can create frizz over time. Only gently detangle.

2. Allow perspiration to fully dry before reattaching tape strips to maintain their stickiness.

3. Store braids wigs upright on a Styrofoam head or flat in a moisture-wicking mesh bag. Keep away from direct heat.

4. Do not rub or tug braids wigs during removal. Gently slide off adhesive strips or dissolve spirit gum with oil.

It should give you confidence and joy, not headaches, to wear a braided wig. Even complex waist-length braid wigs stay comfortably in place all day with the correct preparation, placement, styling, and maintenance. Invest in well-made adjustable clothing, and then take your time customizing the fit. When necessary, add clips, tape, or adhesive in moderation. Set up a personalized hold so you can finally concentrate on rocking your gorgeous braided wig without having to worry about it moving around.

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