How to Achieve Perfectly Symmetrical Braids


Whether worn regularly or occasionally, wigs can be a beautiful way to switch up your style or hair length. However, achieving the most natural look possible takes some finesse, especially where your braided hair meets the wig cap. By mastering symmetrical braids, you’ll provide the perfect base for a seamless wig experience. Let me walk you through my simple three-step method.

1. Preparing Your Strands

The foundation of any great braid begins with proper preparation. Start by gathering all of your natural hair tightly into one centralized location at the nape of your neck. This helps ensure cleaner parts and more uniform sections. Next, detangle thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the ends and working upward section by section to prevent unnecessary breakage or tugging.

Once fully detangled, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends. Not only will this add moisture and shine, but it also helps slick down flyaways to keep baby hairs neatly concealed beneath your wig. For extra smoothing power, try applying a clear or colored gel just around your hairline. The slicker your hair, the more invisible the braids will appear!

Perfectly Symmetrical Braids

2. Separating Evenly

With prepped hair, you’re ready for the key to achieving perfect symmetry – balancing your sections. Start by parting your hair straight down the center, from the front hairline all the way back to the nape area. Use a small rattail comb or tail comb for the job, as their thin teeth allow for precise parts without tugging or damaging fragile strands.

Take your time lifting pieces away to create the center part, checking repeatedly in a mirror to ensure it lies flat and even from forehead to crown. The slicker you made your hair in preparation helps this go smoothly. Once done, style the hair to one side so it’s out of your way for the next step.

On each individual half-head of hair, your goal is to further separate it into three equal columns or strands. Start at the top of the head with clean fingers or your tail comb, gently lifting a right-side piece away about an inch wide. Hold it taut as you run the comb down its full length to the ends, detangling any knots along the way.

Release and repeat, sectioning the middle piece. Then finish with the remaining left section, making all three the same thickness from roots to tips. Take your time comparing sizes – the pieces don’t need to be perfect, but similar widths will produce braids that match beautifully.

It’s a good idea to pause after each subsection and view your work from several angles in the mirror. Check that the parts lay flat against the scalp without overlapping bumps or odd textures. Slight adjustments can be made by teasing strands with the comb tips. The extra minute spent here ensures perfectly uniform foundations for your braids.

With coherent sections complete, you’re now ready to move smoothly into the braiding process itself. The balanced foundation will allow your stylistic skills to shine for symmetrical results!

3. Mastering the Mirror Braid

Now for the fun part – commencing the braids! Start with one side, incorporating each outer strand inward and working toward the bottom in a classic French braid pattern. Go slowly, maintaining consistent tension so strands stay looking uniform.

Once you’ve braided the entire piece, it’s time to mirror the pattern on the other side. This is where a mirror is essential – constantly glance up to match each twist and turn precisely. Continue braiding until you reach the ends, then secure cleanly with elastic hair ties that blend in seamlessly.

4. Refinement Tips to Consider

For braids that last even longer beneath wigs, a few extra tips come in handy:

● – Refresh braids every 2-3 days by gently undoing and re-braiding sections that have come loose at the roots. This redistributes scalp oils for continued definition.

● – While braiding, pause occasionally to fluff roots with your fingers – this adds volume for a fuller, more natural look.

● – Finish with a spritz of frizz-fighting hairspray to secure flyaways and extend style longevity even further.

● – Want extra oomph? Try braiding in synthetic hair extensions for buildable thickness that lasts.

5. Lasting Results You’ll Love

By following these simple steps with practice, you’ll soon be knocking out perfectly symmetrical braids with ease. Their precision provides a smooth, snag-free base for any wig to lay seamlessly against. Gone are bumps, lumps or awkward cowlicks – just natural, polished beauty. Best of all, since braids last longer than other styles, you’ll spend less time fussing with your hair throughout busy weeks. Once mastered, this technique delivers beautiful confidence no matter your plans for the day. Enjoy your transformed look!

6. Dealing with Difficult Hair Types

Not all hair is created equal, so some additional advice can help achieve balanced braids for different textures.

For fine or thin hair that parts easily, take extra care when sectioning to avoid making pieces too small. Thicker sections will give your braids more body and hold their shape better over time. And don’t be afraid to add synthetic hair extensions right into the braids for fabulous fullness.

Those with thick, coarse hair may find their strands don’t like to lay as neatly when braided. Before sectioning, apply a dollop of anti-frizz cream and smooth it entirely from roots to ends. This added slip allows the hair to glide together easily as you work. Also experiment with braiding in smaller sections for more delicate definition.

Wavy or curly girls should braid on second or third day hair for optimal texture. Work sections gently to prevent frizziness, then seal with extra hold hairspray. The defined waves make for fabulous volume at the crown.

Perfectly Symmetrical Braids3

7. Problem-Solving like a Pro

No matter your learning curve, bumps may arise now and again. One uneven braid? No problem – just redo it until balanced. Or if you accidentally pulled a section too tight, gently fluff roots with your fingertips to alleviate pressure on the scalp.

Over time, as you perfect your method, braids will become second nature. But it’s alright to start with just one or two on either side as you build skills. Be patient and don’t get frustrated. With some mirrors and practice, you’ll soon create continuous cornrow symmetry like a wizard.

8. Turn Heads Everywhere You Go

Once you’ve got the hang of it, these picture-perfect braids can take your looks to a whole new level. Worn with a wig, your hair creates a seamless foundation for glamour that turns heads as you strut by. Feel confident commanding attention wherever you wander, from important meetings to nights on the town. The compliments will roll in as admirers gaze upon your effortless beauty achieved through mastery of this technique. So get braiding – your transformation into a flawless style star is only a few steps away!

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