Braids for a Romantic Look: Perfect for Date Night

As someone who loves getting dressed up for romantic nights out, I’m always searching for hairstyles that make me feel feminine, elegant, and beautiful. Over the years, I’ve found braids to be my go-to for achieving soft, romantic updos that are perfect for date nights – whether it’s a fancy anniversary dinner or casual movie night. Braids allow me to keep my hair swept back neatly while still looking gorgeously styled.

In this article, I’ll share my favorite braided styles for a romantic date night look along with tips for recreating them yourself. We’ll also explore ways to customize your braid through accessories and get creative for any romantic occasion. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of braids when love is in the air!

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The Classic Chignon Braid Bun

For formal date nights like an anniversary dinner, nothing exudes elegance like a braided low bun or chignon at the nape of your neck. This style has been my tried-and-true for years when I want a polished yet romantic updo. It frames your face beautifully while keeping hair neatly swept back.

● Gather all hair together at the base of your neck and tie loosely with an elastic

● Braid the ponytail tightly from end to root

● Wrap the braid into a tidy, round bun shape and pin in place

● Leave out a few curved pieces around the face and nape

● Tease crown for volume and lightly spritz with hairspray

This braided low bun is my go-to when I want to look instantly elegant and put-together. It adds a romantic touch for date night while still being quick and easy to do. For an anniversary dinner, I like to embellish with a sparkling accessory like a pearl or crystal hairpin tucked into the base of the bun. It elevates the look just enough while letting the intricate braid be the focal point.

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Double Dutch Braids for Casual Fun

When planning a more casual date like an outdoor concert or amusement park, I love styling my hair in playful double Dutch braids. Not only do they keep your hair out of your face, but they have that sweet, romantic vibe perfect for a laidback date.

● Part clean, dry hair into two sections from your forehead down

● Start Dutch braiding each section tightly from upper crown down toward nape

● When you finish both braids, tie the ends together in a cute bow or ribbon

● For extra romance, braid colored ribbons that match your date outfit into the braids

Double Dutch braids are one of my favorite casual go-to styles. They make me feel cute and playful, perfect for a daytime summer date. I like to use white or pastel ribbons that stand out against my darker hair. Or I’ll choose ribbons to match the color of my sundress or top. They instantly amp up the romance and coordinate your whole look. For music festivals or outdoor concerts, I’ll add fun pom poms or beads onto the ends of the braids. This takes your cute braids to a whole new level!

A Boho Braided Crown

One of my favorite styles for a romantic night in is a bohemian braided crown. It makes me feel like a goddess and taps into my feminine spirit with intricate braiding. It’s also faster to do than it looks!

● Part your hair dramatically off to one side

● Begin a lace Dutch braid near the hairline, gradually adding in hair as you braid back

● Once you reach the nape, sweep braid up in a circular shape and pin or tie in place

● Leave remaining hair down in loose waves or curls

● Thread fresh flowers throughout the braid for a floral crown effect

This boho crown braid is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner at home. The asymetrical part and braided crown have an elegant goddess vibe. Weaving fresh baby’s breath or wildflowers throughout the braid gives it a Coachella feel. For date night, I love pairing this braid with a flowy maxi dress or off-the-shoulder top. It creates an effortlessly romantic, bohemian look perfect for quality time with your special someone.

Boho Braided Crown

Accessorizing Your Braid for Date Night

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your braid to customize your romantic look! Some of my favorite additions include:

● Pearls or jewels woven into intricate braid patterns

● Metallic hair cuffs secured on braid ends

● Sparkling hairpins and barrettes pinned at the base of your bun or crown

● Fresh flowers or floral crowns to accent boho braids

● Luxurious ribbons threaded through waterfall braids

● Beads or pom poms at the end of braided pigtails

When it comes to accessories, you can be as subtle or dramatic as you want! For elegant occasions, I weave pearl strands or crystal hairpins into my chignon braid bun. This takes it to red carpet status! In my double Dutch braids, I’ll braid in satin ribbons that match my date night outfit. For music festivals or outdoor concerts, I go all out with brightly colored feather or pom pom hair extensions clipped to the ends.

Customize your braid to match your outfit or personality. Are you girly? Try fresh flowers. Want an edgy vibe? Work in leather cords or metallic chains. The options are endless for making your braid uniquely you!

Achieving Voluminous Braided Styles

Full, voluminous braids look amazing on date night but can be tricky if you have super straight or fine hair. Here are my tips for pumping up the volume:

● Tease your crown before braiding. This boosts lift at the roots.

● Braid small pieces rather than large chunks for a fuller look.

● Pancake your braids by gently tugging width into them with your fingers.

● Use dry shampoo or texturizing sprays to add grit and grip.

● When braiding, press tighter at the crown and looser at the ends.

With the right techniques and products, anyone can achieve big, beautiful braids. A voluminous crown or bun braid paired with cascading curls is absolutely perfect for a formal date. For my fine hair, backcombing the crown gives the illusion of thicker hair.

Braiding Short Hair for Date Night

If you have short locks, you can still have fun with romantic braided styles! Here are some of my favorite looks:

● Lace braided headband – Start a tiny Dutch braid near your hairline on one side, braiding back along the crown. Pin or tie behind the ear. Add flowers!

● Faux braid – For chin or bob length hair, sweep one side back as if starting a braid. Use bobby pins to secure it flat against the side of your head in a faux braid shape.

● Pin-curl braids – Curl small sections of hair pinning into braid-like swirls all over your head. So romantic!

● Braided faux-hawk – Braid both sides into a center part, swooping the braids up into a dramatic faux-hawk shape.

Don’t be limited by your hair length – you can create the illusion of long braids with clever styling tricks. Accessories like floral pins and pearl clips blended into your braided short style add romance too.

Braided Styles for Curly Hair

As a curly girl myself, I love styling my natural texture in romantic braided updos. Here are some of my favorite looks:

● Braid roots only – Start braids an inch or two from the roots to let curls flow freely underneath.

● Pulled-back halo braid – Braid across the front hairline and pin back leaving the length down.

● Double Dutch braid headband – Part down middle, Dutch braid each side and pin together in back.

● Braided crown – Make two French braids on top of head from hairline back and pin together.

The key is not to braid all your curls tightly – only small sections. Let the rest cascade in their natural state for a trendy boho vibe. Use your fingers to loosen braids and pancake as needed. Embrace those luscious curls!

Braids for Any Romantic Occasion

Whether you’re going on a fancy dinner date or cozying up at home, braids offer endless options for romantic hairstyles. You can create Game of Thrones braids with crisscrossed patterns for a dramatic effect or loose, messy braids for a relaxed boho vibe. No matter your plans, braiding a few sections of hair neatly sweeps back your locks while channeling feminine charm.

For galas or black tie weddings, a braided low bun or fishtail chignon oozes elegance. Date night at the movies? Double Dutch braids with ribbons are playful and fun. Candlelit dinner for two? A lace braided crown paired with curls is goddess-like. The options are endless!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long, straight or curly – braids allow you to create a hairstyle that fits your evening, mood.

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