Braided Wigs for Black Women: Embracing Natural Beauty

I’m sure every black girl knows how important braid is. It is the symbol of resistance and a way for us to reclaim our identity. I’ve worn braids since I was a little girl. It’s not practical to braid your own hair every day since it is time-consuming. So I began to wear a wig to save my time. Gradually, I found that I can live without it. It became an integral part of my life since it creates the beauty of nature while maintains the health and growth of my natural hair. I am immersed in the feeling of being beautiful effortlessly. That’s why I want to share you my experience about braided wigs, hoping all the girls can enjoy the natural beauty.

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A solution to our long-standing problem

For me, my poor hair has bothered me for a long time. One of the most significant advantages is that the braided wigs provide a protective style that helps keep our natural hair healthy and strong. As we all know, our hair is often fragile and prone to breakage, especially when exposed to heat and chemicals. However, a braided wig will shield our hair from harm from harsh cosmetics and styling tools. Besides, box braid wigs can also promote growth of hair by providing the scalp and hair follicles with a healthy environment to live in. I’m an excellent illustration. My thin and frizzy natural hair is now lustrous and thick after a few months of wearing a wig!

A way to be versitile

As a black woman, we’re often bombarded with images of what society considers “beautiful.” We’re told that our hair should be straight, and our skin should be light. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In my opinion, beauty is definitely not a single form, but it should be diverse and inclusive.

And braided wigs give us a fashionable and protective method to display that beauty. When I wear my braided wig, I feel proud of my heritage and my culture. I feel like I’m representing the beauty of black women in all of our diversity.

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A helper to provide convenience

In comparison to real braids, braid wigs have a number of benefits, including being simpler to put on and take off. A braid wig can be worn in a matter of minutes as opposed to your natural braids, which can take several hours to install. It is therefore a fantastic solution for individuals who are short on time or who don’t want to endure the drawn-out procedure of getting braids placed. Furthermore, braid wigs are just as simple to take out as they are to put in, making them a low-commitment choice for people who desire the protective advantages of braids without the commitment of a long-term style. Additionally, it makes it possible to wash and maintain the scalp and hair more frequently, which is advantageous for people who have sensitive or easily irritated scalps. Working girls like me really need a braid wig since we really don’t have much time to style our hair in the morning. Every minute is vital!

Some matters needing attention

Although wearing braided wigs offer us countless benefits, there are still some issues needing our attention as well. For instance, it can take some time to get used to wearing a wig, especially if you’ve never worn one before. Wigs can be bulky and uncomfortable, and getting used to them might take some time. You may need to experiment with different wig caps and wig glue to find the most comfortable fit for you. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it at first, after all, it is not something we’re born with, but I bought a lot of wigs to compare and finally found one that suited me best.

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In addition to the discomfort that can come with wearing a wig, there’s also the issue of the wig looking unnatural. Braided wigs are usually made with synthetic hair, which can sometimes look a bit shiny or fake. This can be especially noticeable in certain lighting, and it can detract from the overall look and feel of the wig. So you may need to choose a high-quality wig that looks as natural as possible. But the human hair is usually a lot more expensive and not very cost-effective, so I don’t really recommend it. Perhaps you can invest in a wig that has been pre-styled and pre-cut to look more vivid.

Maintenance is another issue with wearing a braided wig. While low maintenance in terms of styling, braided wigs do need some maintenance to keep them looking their best. It can be necessary to wash your wig sometimes to get rid of any oils or styling products that have built up. Additionally, to keep your wig’s form and volume, you might need to restyle it sometimes. I usually wash my wig once every two weeks so that it will not get too dirty.

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It’s also essential to note that braided wigs aren’t only used by black ladies, in my opinion. They are accessible to all people, regardless of color or ethnicity. However, I believe they’re a fantastic way for black women in especially to celebrate our innate beauty and push back against the constricting beauty standards that have been placed on us for far too long.


Every black woman deserves a different look. Keep in mind that beauty is dynamic. So if you’re a black woman considering trying a braided wig, I say go for it! It may take some getting used to, but the benefits are well worth it. Not only will you be protecting your natural hair, but you’ll also be embracing your natural beauty in a way that’s both empowering and stylish. Braided wigs have shaped me into the strong, confident black woman I am today by teaching me to love my hair as naturally as possible. Hope you can love your hair too!

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